We manage the whole product life cycle: from design, to production and after-sales service.


Our team in Spain formed by specialists in design, marketing and flying toys, designs the product based on the feedback received from our customers. They also supervise the production developed in our factory in China and assure the quality of the products we bring to the market. We have a technical department in charge of the after-sales service so we can support all of our clients.

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Design & Innovation

We are constantly looking to evolve our products improving their design and introducing new features to create unique toys in the market.


We believe good design is key to differentiate from our competitors so we take care of all the little details of our products: from the packaging to the use of better materials in the toys and the controls. We also innovate with the use of LED lights for night fly mode and integrating WiFi video cameras that can be controlled with a mobile app.



We aim to build strong and long lasting relationships with our distributors providing them with all of our know-how in the industry.


We treat our partners as part of our company: we share all of our know-how on the market and the products with continuous training, we help with the marketing and sales strategies and we provide technical support in the after-sales service. We also ask for feedback from their experience to improve and adapt our products to their markets.